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Yes, anyone who is in generally good health can use our system. Typically, if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, circulatory or heart issues we advise consulting your physician.
Immediately. 95% of all California Slim Clients lose at least 2 inches and 80% lose 3 inches or more from our proven system.
Typically, we schedule two treatments per week, but you can certainly go more frequently if you are interested in accelerating your results.
No, some clients will lose as much as 4 inches in just 5 treatments.
100%. There is nothing about red light or simple muscle stimulation which can in any way harm you.
Yes, our system has been in operation for several years and we have literally thousands of clients who have used and benefited by our program.
None. California Slim is a 100% passive way to breakdown fat cells and re-shape your body. While you lie back relax, read a book, answer emails or catch up on a favorite show on Netflix California Slim will be hard at work attacking fat cells and you don’t feel a thing.
Our proprietary system is the fastest and most consistent light – based technology ever developed. You will see optimal results in just 5 treatments.
Our clients tell us they feel rejuvenated which is due to the healing properties of the red light therapy as well as your increased blood flow from your treatments.
No, there is no special clothing or routine you’ll need to follow other than hydrating the day of your visit.