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Our Story

doctorDeveloped by Dr. Jeffery Miller at his chiropractic and pain center outside of San Francisco, California Slim was developed as an all-natural alternative to more aggressive laser, ultra sound or fat freezing technology. Our mission is to provide our clients with a proven fat loss system which is safe, effective and affordable. The California Slim program uses FDA cleared devices which work to break down fat naturally and discard it through your body’s lymphatic system.

As we age, our metabolism slows, our quantity of enzymes is reduced and hormone levels change. A decrease in metabolism + increased fat storage = Decreased Mobilization of Fat!

Since 2009 Dr. Miller has invested in a variety of medical devices which claimed to quickly, and effectively attack fat and reshape your body, however in most cases these devices over promised and under delivered. Armed with years of client data and real time experience, Dr. Miller set out to develop a system which would consistently work for his patients. Ultimately he achieved his desired results with a unique set of protocols using a combination of Red Light and Muscle contraction. Since 2013 Dr. Miller has successfully treated hundreds of patients with his California Slim system and now he is expanding his practice by partnering with top medical practitioners, med spa and day spa owners across the US and in Canada.

Our Technology

lipidWhen considering California Slim our clients typically ask these important questions.

  • Is there any pain or discomfort?
  • How fast will I see results?
  • Are the results permanent?

Great Questions, and the answers are exactly what you want from a proven fat loss system.

There is No Pain or Discomfort, You’ll see results Immediately and the Results Are Permanent! Plus, our treatments are only 50 minutes and requires No Diet or Exercise.

California Slim has developed a synergistic process which uses Enhanced Infrared Light, Advanced Muscle Stimulation and Lymphatic Cleansing. During your treatment a series of patented dual frequency LED’s working at 635 nanometers or Red Light are used to break down fat cells found dormant under your skin. The characteristics of this extremely narrow band of light is capable of causing fat cells to breakdown ultimately creating a small whole in wall of the fat cell.

So How Does It Work?

womanOur process incorporates an active muscle stimulation system which works to increase blood flow and burn calories. During your 50-minute treatment, your fat cells are broken down and a small hole is created in the wall of the cell. Using our patented Stimulation device, we are able to replicate hundreds of abdominal crunches thereby strengthening your muscles while we move blood and burn calories. As your blood flow increases the fat (or triglycerides) is released from the cell and transported through your lymphatic system where it leaves your body naturally.

Perhaps the best part about using California Slim is all you need to do is lie back, relax and enjoy the experience.