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Recent Clinical Study Shows Dramatic Results

In the spring of 2016 an independent study was performed to further prove the efficacy of the LED – Red Light system used by California Slim in its treatments. Although there is a significant amount of science and test data regarding the effectiveness of this device what was surprising was to see just how incredible the actual results were.

Imagine watching your waistline transform from a size 36 to a size 32 in just a few days Without Diet or Exercise!

At California Slim you’ll receive an even longer treatment time and rather than have you walking up and down stairs our patented muscle contraction system will do all of the work for you. So if you think these results are something you should know more about contact one of our local offices and schedule your first treatment today…. It’s FREE.

Before and After

Client Experiences

“I can’t believe I got my shape back! After three kids, I thought I was destine to struggle with this same ten pounds for the rest of my life! I was wrong! California Slim did what I couldn’t do on my own!”
Michelle, 46
“I tried diets and supplements for years that just never worked for me. California Slim reshaped my body, firmed my skin and reduced my cellulite on the back of my legs. I am so much more confident!”
Debbie, 33
“I have tried everything to lose the fat right above my belly button, but no matter how much I work out or diet it is nearly impossible to lose. I tried California Slim and after 6 treatments it was gone. Amazing!”
William, 52