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What to Expect

If you know anyone who has experienced a Laser, Ultra Sound or Fat Freezing treatment, the one word they will not use to describe their experience is Relaxing. In fact, these treatments are anything but that. If you like the idea of not being able to move during your laser treatment for fear of burning or scaring, or if you don’t mind someone manipulating you with an ultra sound device then these treatments may be for you. But we seriously doubt that is the type of experience you are really looking for. California Slim offers a better alternative with great results.

Lie Back – Relax – Reshape

womanloungingAt California Slim we believe in our clients enjoying every minute of their experiance so we offer beautifully appointed treatment rooms where you can lie back and enjoy 50 minutes of doing whatever you like. Whether you want to update your emails, listen to your playlist or catch up on your favorite Netflix programs the choice is yours. Because when you visit one of our California Slim offices we’ll not only get you back in shape but we’ll also give you 50 minutes of uninterrupted “Me Time”.

When you arrive for your treatments you will not need any special clothing or preparation. The only thing we recommend is that you hydrate throughout the day and of course we will provide you with complimentary water during your treatments. After quickly reviewing your chart and updating any pertinent information your attendant will attach the Red Light LED paddles and self-adhesive Muscle Stimulation pads directly onto your skin. After that you simply lie back and relax…. it’s literally that easy.

As you enjoy your 50 minutes of solitude (or use your cell phone if you like) you will feel a slight warming and vibration from our patented Red Light paddles and your muscles where we have placed your stimulation pads will contract continuously. You don’t perspire or have any type of discomfort and most of our clients tell us that after their first couple of treatments they don’t even notice these sensations.

Each time your LED paddle vibrates we are introducing an extremely narrow band of light called “Red Light” into your skin. At 635 nanometers this light energy is 100% safe has no negative side effects. In fact, Red Light is known to possess amazing homeopathic healing properties and when used at a certain wattage or strength will begin to break down fat cells in your skin. In order to move the fat out of your body it is important that we increase blood flow and burn a certain amount of calories. This is why the muscle stimulation system is used. As your muscles contract we are simulating hundreds of impulses which are capable of helping your body move the fat from your body naturally.

Customized Treatments

At California Slim we recognize that not everyone is built the same which means not everyone should be treated the same. So we have come up with an extremely flexible system which can be customized to meet our client’s individual needs and budget. Think about it some of us who are short carry our weight differently than someone who is much taller. Woman’s needs are typically different from that of most men. And of course when you factor in age, general health, mobility, diet and exercise you have an extremely diverse group of individualized needs.

Recognizing this basic fact, Dr. Miller has created a series of protocols which will address virtually every person’s body type and individual desires. California Slim clients are not only able to select which area of their body they want to treat but can also treat multiple areas quickly and effectively. Our portable Red Light system and Muscle Stimulation device allow our clients to easily target with precision all areas of your stomach, love handles, buttocks, hips and thighs, arms and even your upper back.

So whether you want to look better in your bathing suit, slip into those skinny jeans or lose your beer belly, California Slim can help you look better and feel healthier. All you need to do is contact one of our local offices and schedule your Free treatment. When you see how much you lose from your very first treatment you’ll be amazed.

Reduce your Waistline

Shape Your Thighs

Tighten Buttock

Sculpt Your Arms